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4th Training mission in Slovenia


On 8 May 2018, the BITPAL Coordinator, University College of Applied Sciences (UCAS) in collaboration with The Faculty of Information Studies (FIS) organized the fourth training mission for the Palestinian partners in Ljubljana, Slovenia at The Faculty of Information Studies (FIS). 

Participants from Al-Azhar University, Al-Aqsa University, University College of Applied Sciences, Gaza University, and PITA attended the training mission that lasts in the period 8-13 May 2018. The objective of this training mission was to introduce PS partners into different aspects of Technology Transfer and incubation in Slovenian System. The training highlighted the entrepreneurship in IT, Incubation, IP, and acceleration processes, and how PS partners can exploit this experience in developing IT curricula to enhance job creation of the IT students during their study.

On the part of FIS, Dr. Victor Cepoi welcomed the group and accompanied them to Sling (Slovenian National Supercomputing Grid) where Dr. Biljana M. Boshkoska provides a comprehensive description about the center, the practice of HPC and academic spinoff ideas. Then BITPAL team moved to visit the I HELP startup, which is a health support company developed a mobile application called iHELP that creates a care network bringing family, friends, first responders, and professional rescuers closer together in cases of emergency. 

In the second day, BITPAL team visited FIS in Novo Mesto, where Dr. Victor talked about FIS and its activities followed by a Presentation on Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer by Anja Hafner (Technology Transfer Office at FIS). Finally, a skype presentation was done by Dr. Dolores Modic about technology transfer from US to Japan.

Also, BITPAL Slovenian partner organized a visit to the Development Center Novo Mesto which is a key partner in the business development and regional excellence, Mr. Simon Jeraj talked about the incubation and startups followed by a visit to APLEXOR Adriatic, a success company, where Mr. Renato Rjavec presented their experience in the local and international market

In the third day, the first visit was to IAM (academy of multimedia in Ljubljana-Slovenia) started by a welcome speech from the Dean of the College and then a brief introduction to the College and its teaching system. Then BITPAL team toured the college labs and audio and video studios. IAM is a pioneering academy of multimedia in Ljubljana-Slovenia. Whereas the second visit was to ABC business accelerator. ABC accelerator focuses on early growth stage startups with a product and traction, rising funding. it’s the perfect launch site for global growth with their international partner and investor network.

After all, Dr. Ahmed Abdalaal (BITPAL project coordinator) thanked gratefully all presenters for their valuable information and expressed how it is important and useful to develop the curricula by reflecting the acquired experience from Slovenian system to Palestinian universities.