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Gaza University launches EMPEG project “Enhancing the Quality of Multimedia Program to Get Engaged in Computer Games Industry”


Gaza University launches EMPEG project “Enhancing the Quality of Multimedia Program to Get Engaged in Computer Games Industry”
Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology at Gaza University organized the Kick-off meeting of EMPEG project funded by the World Bank through the Quality Improvement Fund of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education. Prof. Dr. AbdulJalil Sarsour, President of Gaza University (GU), Dr. Kholoud Elbatsh Project Manager, and Dr. Nahid Eid, Vice President of the PICTI board, attended the meeting in presence of all partners’ representatives, ALTAREQ Systems and Projects, Palestine Technical College, Deir Al-Balah (PTC), and Palestinian Information and Communication Technology Incubator (PICTI).
Dr. Ammar Qidra, the project coordinator, opened the meeting with warm welcoming. Then Prof. Sarsour welcomed all the participants and expressed his happiness on this day, in which institutions are cooperating to develop the educational process through success partnership. Gaza University seeks to be one of the leading universities in the qualitative projects that work to optimize the use of renewable international curricula, he said.
In the next session, Dr. Elbatsh presented an overview about the project, its justifications and activities, which mainly involve networking with the international private sector in the field of computer gams industry and attracting experts in this field for training and experience exchange in order to qualify the academic staff, develop the study plan and provide the necessary laboratories.
Later each partner introduced his institutions where Mrs. Reem Slim talk about ALTARIQ, Eng. Abdallah Altahrawi about PICTI and Mr. Ahmed AlAgha about PTC. 
During the meeting, GU signed MoU with ALTARIQ that includes graduates training and provides consultations and experts in the field of computer games through networking with the external private sector. Also, GU signed another MoU with PICTI for student training and development in the field of entrepreneurship, management, and freelancing, and incubation. It is worth to mention that these MoUs are part of the first activities of the project which were achieved in the event.
Mr.  Osayed Mady, one of the success entrepreneurs in the field of games development in Gaza participated in the event by talking about his experience, the problems and difficulties he faced because of the lack of expertise and academic programs that support this field. 
Mady also emphasized the importance of this project its role to establish a strong base for the gaming industry in Gaza Strip.
In the end, Eng. Tarek Slim, Director of ALTARIQ, talked about the size of the computer games industry in the market, the global economy, the countries that contribute significantly to this industry and the most important roles and skills needed for this industry.
Finally, all participant share their ideas and questions through positive interactive discussion, they agree on working hard for the success of the project as it will contribute to creating new job opportunities.